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I help people solve Chronic Illness & Mental health Challenges When they have been told nothing can be done  & Nothing else has worked 

So you can walk through life Healthy, Happy Calm & Peaceful Without wasting any more time and money on therapies that are not working for you or  Meditating on a rock for 20 years 

Since 2013 The system I Have discovered Has created Amazing Results With 1000s Of Clients Like......


Laura Brett

 I feel lighter in spirit (it almost feels physical), i genuinely feel the sensation of happiness now and i have an overall calmer sense of being and presence. Now in situations when i feel a negative feeling, i am able to switch the fight or flight off & have a clear mind to work out what I am truly thinking & feeling. Im rediscovering myself; learning about my boundaries and what i enjoy & want in my life, without my mind being able to make me feel bad for prioritising my own happiness.


Carol Robertson

When you first meet Jonathan his demeanour is very friendly, approachable, humble and he gives you his full attention during your appointment which I find builds the trust you need with someone you are baring your soul to.
So after 1 consultation and 4 treatments I am pain free, (my sciatica has completely gone). Emotionally, the negativity towards issues has been switched off and I am able to get on with my life without the past dominating my future. I am 73 years of age and had almost given up and resigned myself to never being pain free. Now I can start living again.

How Does DTO Help Solve Problems

It all hinges on one basic premise.

That all problems wether its chronic illness, Chronic Pain,  Mental Health Or Relationship Issues, Money Worries & Blocks, Business Blocks, Addictions And Phobias. 

What ever it is that you require help with its all being created by our past memories/traumas Current triggers, Behaviours & limiting beliefs 

And if we change  our Thoughts, Feelings And Beliefs then the problem we are having heals and we can go back to being our true selves and start living again 

The question is how do we do that?

What Can I Help you with?

Melancholic guy on dark background. Face


If you'r suffering with Depression and your finally ready to be free of it once and for all. wether you have tried lots of therapies with little success or this is your first point of call. Jonathan & DTO can help you get your life back 

Anxiety mental disorder – portrait of a


Anxiety affects so many people these days and has almost become normal but the truth is it's not normal, No one should feel anxious and it can be changed if you want to change it. Anxiety can be switched off so you can live your life feeling happy relaxed and normal again.

Storm sky with lightning and sun on the

Headaches & Migraines

Traditional medicine just give you pills to maintain your headaches/Migraines but DTO gets to the root of the problem so you can resolve the headaches/migraines and live pain free 

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Chronic Pain

I have been treating Chronic Pain for over 20 years. and the biggest problem is most people are diagnosed incorrectly, and so therefor are given the wrong treatments. This just keeps people suffering stuck and living in pain. it doesn't have to be this way. you can be pain free you just need to look at pain differently and treat the root cause and not symptoms 

Surreal dark portrait of a young man cov

Trauma & PTSD

Many people suffer with trauma and PTSD these days and sadly the only therapy offered to them is counselling or CBT which very rarely work. DTO is different its not a talk therapy and is able to literally switch off the trauma so its no longer playing in your head. sounds impossible BUT IT WORKS :)

beauty girl cry on dark background monoc


Are you still Grieving months or years after, are you still struggling to let go and move on with your life. have you been to counselling but you'r still stuck? It doesn't have to be that way. Maybe its time for you to finally move forward. If so reach out to jonathan and book your consult today 

Personal Coaching

1 - 1 Coaching 

If you would like 1-1sessions with me personally, then please drop me an email and we can set up a call 


Learn The DTO System 

Learn DTO from the comfort of your own home so you can take control of your own thoughts and feelings 

Coming Soon

About Jonathan  


Jonathan shaw is founder and Creator of The DTO system.

His own past traumas, memories and limiting beliefs, put Jonathan on a path of discovery for the past 20 years.


He trained in and used many techniques like EFT, Theta healing, Matrix Reimprinting, with little success, and when he had all but nearly given up, he stumbled upon something that changed his life! A way to literally switch off the memories, traumas and beliefs that was holding him back. After 7 years of testing on himself his friend’s colleagues and clients.


He is now finally releasing his incredible and powerful system to the world. Jonathan is proud to introduce THE DTO SYSTEM 

Success Stories

After about 3 or 4 sessions I began living my life again. I would wake up and feel free, energetic, and happy even. I managed to start working again, I found myself enjoying things more, I felt more like myself with every session.

—  Depression since 8 years old 



kerry profile image .JPG

Kerry McCarthy

I cannot adequately express how effective Jonathan’s system is. My depression has gone, anxiety is gone, kidney pains gone, knee, wrist, and hand pains gone, neck pain is gone, I feel genuinely happy, and can even eat wheat again!

—  Anxiety, Pain, Belly Button Phobia



Jonathan's techniques cleared 20 years worth of confusion, emotions and relationship issues within a few weeks.  This was above and beyond any results that I had expected! 

—  Relationship Blocks 

Jonathan’s support to me as a man has been transformative.  

Men - book your sessions with Jonathan.

I feel like I’m moving on with my life full of self-belief as a man who has stepped into his own power.  Empowered and content.

—  Anxiety 

andy nathan square inage .jpg

Andy Nathan

The DTO  Handbook

Can you image what would happen to your life if you could change all your negative thoughts, feelings & memories? Is this even possible you may ask?


Book Your Consult Today

Availability Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri

Free 30 Minute Consult 

Discover how I can help you even if noting else has worked, You have been told nothing can be done and you have given up hope 

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