COMBO PACKAGE - DTO Handbook & Foundations Training

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1 hour

COMBO PACKAGE - DTO Handbook & Foundations Training


Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan is the creator of the DTO System and Author of the DTO Handbook


“My own experience of the system? It has fundamentally shifted a profound belief which he been holding me back for a lifetime. When a core belief shifts, everything changes - transformation from the inside out.”

Amanda Maney

“You’re a legend.

To add to your list of examples where people have been able to practice DTO in strange and wonderful places for instant relief:
Half way through a half marathon, “shin splints”, gone.
On a safari in the Masai Mara while bumping around in a jeep, back tightening, gone.

Liam McCavoy

About the course

This is a special offer bundle to get the DTO Handbook and the First basic DTO Foundations level 1 training together for a discounted price. The DTO Handbook teaches the very basics of the DTO Process and the Foundations Video training is 8 Videos of jonathan walking you through the basic DTO Process in detail