DTO Foundations - Basic level 1 -Introductory Training

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1 Hour


Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan Shaw is the Creator of the DTO system. He discovered this incredible technique back in 2013 and since then has developed DTO into a complete system to heal your memories, Traumas and beliefs in the easiest way possible even if nothing else has worked


I am going to keep this simple. DTO works.

Johana Hansen

The DTO system focuses on clearing the beliefs formed within memories rather than on the clearing of memories themselves - rather like removing an unwanted plant from the roots, rather than at the stem. It then, very simply, replaces it with the desired "Opposite, or better" belief - the wanted flower, shrub or tree

Amanda Maney

About the course

This is the first basic training in the DTO system, If you want to learn DTO to heal your past memories/Traumas, Thoughts, Feelings Beliefs etc then this is the first place to start. Weather you are brand new to healing your thoughts and memories or you are an experienced healer, this training will introduce you to the basic process and set the grounding to start healing yourself once and for all


Jonathan Shaw 

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