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Learn the 4 steps that will literally switch off your negative thoughts feelings & memories Without years of training 

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What you will learn 

1 - The 4 Step Clearing Process 

Jonathan will walk you through the exact 4 steps he has been teaching his 1-1 clients for the past 7 years 

2 - Clearing a memory 

Jonathan will walk you through clearing a negative memory thats bothering you. 

4 - How The Brain Works 

Jonathan will set you a one week challenge to use DTO once a day for 10 minutes 

5 - The 7 Day Challenge 

Jonathan will set you a one week challenge to use DTO once a day for 10 minutes 


About Jonathan 

Jonathan shaw is Creator of the DTO system

After trying for years to heal his past memories and limiting beliefs, using many techniques like EFT, Theta healing, Matrix Reimprinting etc.


with little success. He all but gave up But then one day stumbled upon something that changed his life, A way to literally switch off the memories, traumas and beliefs that was holding him back. 


After 7 years of testing on himself his friends colleagues and clients.

He is now finally releasing this incredible and powerful system to everyone. Jonathan is proud to introduce 



“Jonathan's techniques cleared 20 years worth of confusion, emotions and relationship issues within a few weeks.  This was above and beyond any results that I had expected!”


“I went to Jonathan with various issues such as problems with eating and OCD. After seeing various professionals in the past, including counsellors,I saw Jonathon who has since improved my life considerably by removing the stress from many aspects of my life.”


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