Why Is Mental Health Getting Worse - Part 1

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It's a sad fact that mental health in this world is not getting better its getting worse, and if we keep going the way we are going with it, Its not going to improve anytime soon. The statistics are astronomical

  1. 792 MILLION people are affected by mental health worldwide

  2. 105 BILLION is the cost of mental health treatment in the UK

This is just ridiculous, because mental health can be solved, How do I know?

Cause I suffered for years on and off with depression and I got rid of mine, And for 10 YEARS now I have been helping other people do the same.

In this 3 part series Im going to reveal the 3 reasons why mental health is getting worse. and what we need to do about it to change it and get our health and wellness back

Watch Part 1 below and discover the 1st reason mental health is getting worse

Success Story

Before I started working with Jonathan I was extremely depressed. I wasn’t able to eat properly or even leave my bed. I had found myself getting closer and closer to being suicidal that I realized enough was enough. My boyfriend, who had already worked with Jonathan on his issues, recommended I have one session, just to try it out as my situation became very worrying to myself and him. I was sceptical for a long time before I decided I would give Jonathan a chance.

When my boyfriend and his mum told me about Jonathan and how he had helped them, I was worried I would be untreatable, I felt I had too much going on in my head that the thought of it all turning off scared me as it had been all I had ever known. I kept putting off seeing Jonathan because I believed I didn’t have a choice and that my depression had control of me

It got to the point where my family and friends noticed that I wasn’t myself for weeks, I had quit my job and became very hostile and numb. I woke up one day and just knew I couldn’t bear it anymore, my body and mind were exhausted and I felt I had no way out, I just wanted to turn it all off for good. That’s when my boyfriend decided he had to book a session for me. I realized myself that I had to try at least, that’s when I got the courage to just go.

After about 3 or 4 sessions I began living my life again. I would wake up and feel free, energetic, and happy even. I managed to start working again, I found myself enjoying things more, I felt more like myself with every session. The depression didn’t have control over me anymore as Jonathan had taught me a way to control it myself. We worked on a lot of deep-rooted traumas that I had never even known were triggering my depression all along.

I feel so much happier; I find enjoyment in everything I used to love. I have begun to notice how I handle situations better now and how I can still use what Jonathan taught me to control my depression whenever I am triggered again. I still have a long way to go but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now which is something I had convinced myself I would never see.

Hayley Neal

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Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon

Until next time

Stay healthy

Stay Happy

& keep smiling

Jonathan Shaw

Creator of the DTO System

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