Why Is Mental Health Getting Worse - Part 2

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Ask yourself a question, Do you really want to live with mental health? Or would you like to finally be free of your negative thoughts and feelings and finally go back to feeling normal again?

If you answered yes to those questions then you need to understand a few things first.

And understanding why mental health is getting worse is the first step.

In part two of this three part video series, Im going to explaining my mental health is NOT mental or emotional but BIOLOGICAL, and how understanding that can help us solve mental health far quicker and easier than we ever thought possible.

Check out part two below

Success Story

I cannot adequately express how effective Jonathan’s system is. My depression has gone, anxiety is gone, kidney pains gone, knee, wrist, and hand pains gone, neck pain is gone, I feel genuinely happy, and can even eat wheat again! Even my phobia of bellybuttons went during my course of treatment. Stomach bloating which I thought I was lumbered with for life, and blamed on scar tissue from several operations actually went OVERNIGHT.

I went to Jonathan with a few aches and pains that I thought were just normal for my age, and previous medical history, totally disregarded chronic problems – such as the digestion – as not “real pain”, and certainly didn’t even entertain resolving quirks such as my bellybutton phobia. His treatment has surprised me on every level, especially with the way “other stuff’ resolved itself as treatment progressed. 

Jonathan has a very interesting method that has AMAZING results. I have seen a variety of therapists over the years (NLP, EFT, CBT, Physiotherapy, Hypnotherapy) and while they have all helped me on my journey, none have achieved long-lasting and what I feel to be such deep-seated resolution. You may think you are going to see him to resolve your pain, but what he achieves will actually benefit other areas of your life in ways you’d probably not thought possible.

Kerry McCarthy

Thanks, Jonathan! I am very happy to have found you! 

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Stay tuned for part three coming soon :)

Until next time

Stay healthy

Stay Happy

& keep smiling

Jonathan Shaw

Creator of the DTO System

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