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DTO Practitioners

Below are all the qualified practitioners in the DTO system that have been qualified by Jonathan Shaw to help you release stress and treat the root cause of illness and disease 


Jonathan Shaw

Creator & Master Practitioner and Trainer Of The DTO System

Jonathan has been helping people for the past 20 years, to heal chronic conditions when traditional, alternative & holistic therapies have failed. He has been named, The Magic Man and most notably, The Alchemist of The Modern Day.
Jonathan is also the creator of the DTO system which is a simple yet powerful system that can literally switch off negative thinking and past traumatic memories.


Stephen Jakes

Level 1 Practitioner Of The DTO System

Emotional Healing Specialist & Neuro Reboot Technician Stephen A. Jakes has dedicated the last 7 years to ​learning and understanding the complexity of the Human mind and how it dictates our emotions, which in turn creates our experience of life.


Amanda Maney

Level 1 Practioner Of The DTO System

A Cambridge University science graduate, Amanda is a highly skilled Alignment Coach, as well as being a Specialist Leader in Education, working on a personal and professional level to inspire you to “Allow, Align and Act”.

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