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Decoding Pain - The Emotional blueprint to healing chronic pain DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

In this book jonathan introduces you to the most powerful way of solving Chronic pain. Its the understanding that has helped jonathan not only solve his Chronic shoulder pain when he was 25 after suffering for a year and a half but also has helped him solve thousands of clients chronic pain over the last 25 years.


In this book you wil learn

1 - The process to pain, the secret code - knowing this stops all the guess work all the wasted diagnosis and get straight to the root cause 

2 - UDIN Moments - why finding your UDIN moments is  number 1 thing you need to do to solve your pain 

3 - the 2 phases of the process - knowing where you are in the process and that your pain is not random will help you start seeing the real cause of your pain 


Jonathan also reveals 

1 - Why traditional and alternative medicine is NOT solving your pain 

2 - The 3 causes of all Chronic pain - Knowing the diffeence between what the doctor tells you and the actual cause of your pain will stop you wasting your time with pointless therapy and hospital visits that will only cost you time and money 

3 - Why this process can help you when other things have not 

4 - Why you might be blocked to healing your pain 

5 - An introduction to Autoimmune conditions 


Decoding Pain - The Emotional blueprint to healing chronic pain DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

  • This book is for anyone struggling with chronic pain and are looking for answers who are open to new ideas. 

    If you are open minded to see your pain in a new way and look at whats causing your pain from a different perspective 

    If your willing to look at the real root cause of your pain instead of just treating symptoms 

    If you have tried everything from traditional medicine like, Physio, Medication maybe even operations or stents or even nerve blockers etc through to alternative and holistic treatments like, Osteopaty, chiropractors, Herbalists, Acupuncture, EFT, Havening  etc with still no success 

    If your fed up with the doctors and mainstream medicine or you have lost faith in main stream treatment 



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