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Nice Things My Clients Say 

Emalene Grove

Chronic Pain and illness 

I tore my Achilles tendon and was in constant pain. I chose to live with it like everything else and 18 months after the accident, assigned myself to the fact that I would never wear heals again.

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Depression - anxiety - pain 

I cannot adequately express how effective Jonathan’s system is. My depression has gone, anxiety is gone, kidney pains gone, knee, wrist, and hand pains gone, neck pain is gone

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Hayleigh Neil


Before I started working with Jonathan I was extremely depressed. I wasn’t able to eat properly or even leave my bed. I had found myself getting closer and closer to being suicidal that I realized enough was enough.

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Andy Nathan


I was looking for a way to manage my feelings of being fed up with anxiety in specific situations

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Katherine Cullis

Relationship Problems 

Before I started working with Jonathan I was struggling to communicate and deal with issues in my relationship.

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Ryan Shellard


Before I was very anxious about everything socially, everything harmless seemed to scare me.

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Sandra Harnor


I give grateful thanks for being recommended to Jonathan, I was all over the place having seen many therapists to ease my anxiety & depression, through Jonathan's skill I was able to return to employment and now have started my own business.

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Paolo Morena

Anxiety & Overwhelm

Before I started working with Jonathan, I felt overwhelmed by the challenges I faced, even the smallest of things would ware me down.

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Amanda Esanola

Emotional blocks

Working with Jonathon has been extremely refreshing, and filled with constant learning.

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Anthony Atkinson 

Fulfilling spousal Responsibility

For years my mind has been in a state of confusion - fulfilling an honourable spousal responsibility whilst battling with ever increasing levels of personal guilt, frustration and unhappiness.

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Charles Egleton


I had got myself in a state of panic and worry, which i couldn’t see a way out of. I was not sleeping, the situation was dangerously spiralling out of control and affecting people around me. 

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Jasmine Berg

OCD & Eating Disorder

“I went to Jonathon with various issues such as problems with eating and OCD

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Lynda Susie 

Stressed emotional & Overwhelmed 

I had a number of life struggles that I was trying to deal with before meeting Jonathan which were overwhelming me.  I was extremely stressed and emotional and struggling to find clarity.  

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Courtney Barton

Years of work & Health Anxiety

“Trying to keep this short isn’t easy as there are so many wonderful things I could say about how my life has been changed for the better!

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Nathan Mazerole

Terrifying panic attacks 

When I found Jonathan I was very sceptical, the stereotypical Psychiatrists/Therapists are not my cup of tea shall we say, the idea of laying on a couch in a dark room opposite a guy in a chair writing down my life story and asking me “how do you feel about that” is never going to happen!

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Susie Powell 

Responsibility and guilt 

Towards the end of the four sessions I could feel that whatever had been holding these beliefs in place was letting them go and it felt great.  I began to feel freer, lighter and more confident.  My head felt clearer as I wasn’t constantly having these old beliefs coming into my thoughts.

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Toby Ottern

Dark Days & Arthritis 

After struggling through an extremely low point in my life, Jonathan was recommended by a friend,
I was sceptical but knew I needed help

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Sarah Brett

Severe Bladder Pain

I started having bladder issues from the age of 16, but my symptoms had dramatically worsened by the age of 19. It was from this point that my illness started to have a negative impact on my life

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Sharon Hellier

Back pain

I must admit I was rather sceptical when my husband mentioned having a session with Jonathan but eventually I agreed simply to appease! However, after the first session I was less sceptical

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Marianne Edwards

Anxiety and self worth about work

I’m not quite sure what you’ve done to me but I honestly can’t thank you enough. You’ve completely changed my life.

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Carol Robertson

3 years of sciatic pain

I was introduced to Jonathan through my son-in-law who had met him in a professional capacity. Having suffered with sciatica for almost 3 years plus deep rooted emotional issues, and being completely disillusioned with mainstream medicine and some complimentary like Physiotherapy and Chiropractic I decided I had nothing more to lose.

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Ethan Grove

Chronic Headache and neck pain

My son started developing symptoms around the age of 10. He started off with minor headaches and neck pain which would come and go. Eventually over a period of time they became more frequent and intense and they caused him to feel dizzy and effect his vision.

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Ayshea Goldberg

Business blocks

I met Jonathan and heard him describe what he did to help people, it seemed so at odds with what I believed in terms of treating pain and emotional issues and blockages, that I was curious to know more. I didn’t know what to expect from the sessions, so went in with an open mind, not expecting to experience such a huge change in myself.

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Jo Roblin

Years Of Back Pain

After suffering with lower back pain for several years and being told what could be causing the pain by my GP. I insisted that I had an MRI scan to eliminate what it ‘could’ actually be? The scan fortunately showed absolutely nothing wrong, which is good but didn’t give me an explanation as to why I was suffering

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Anxiety About Having Children

Jonathan has a special technique which is amazing
I have always been a nervous anxious person and it got worse as I got older especially at the thought of having children in my 40’s

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