DTO Practitioners

Below are all the qualified practitioners in the DTO system that have been qualified by Jonathan Shaw 

Jonathan Shaw

Creator & Master Practitioner and Trainer Of The DTO System

Jonathan is also the creator of the DTO system which is a simple yet powerful system that can literally switch off negative thinking and past traumatic memories

Stephen Jakes

Level 1 Practitioner Of The DTO System

Emotional Healing Specialist & Neuro Reboot Technician Stephen A. Jakes has dedicated the last 7 years to ​learning and understanding the complexity of the Human mind and how it dictates our emotions, which in turn creates our experience of life.

Amanda Maney

Level 1 Practioner Of The DTO System

A Cambridge University science graduate, Amanda is a highly skilled Alignment Coach, as well as being a Specialist Leader in Education, working on a personal and professional level to inspire you to “Allow, Align and Act”.

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