Client Testimonials

Emalene Grove

Chronic Pain and illness 

I tore my Achilles tendon and was in constant pain. I chose to live with it like everything else and 18 months after the accident, assigned myself to the fact that I would never wear heals again.

Then I was introduced to Jonathan. He said he could help and told me the pain was because I didn’t know what direction my life was going in. My life was a complete train wreck at the time and this hit me like a sledge hammer, as it resonated with everything I was going through at the time, so after 2 weeks of mulling it over I booked an appointment.

First session he examined my ankle and leg and then treated me with DTO. Now for me this was strange, no manipulation, no massage, I was expecting to be tortured for an hour. Instead we spoke about my emotions and he switched them off or so he told me, I left feeling very sceptical Normally I would have run a mile, however I was desperate and went with it.

My appointment was on a Sunday, by the following weekend I thought I would test the theory and was running around London in 4 inch heals. No pain literally no pain! But still sceptical I expected the pain to come back.

Luckily for the first time in years I actually had two weekend’s out in a row, so I put it to the test once again. I went to the party and danced the night away with my high heels on and to my shock and amazement, to this day I’ve not had an issue with the pain.

So the story continues, not one for generally sharing but here goes because everyone needs to know about Jonathan Shaw and the life changing DTO system. From a child I suffered with irritable bowl and endometriosis, both diagnosed by doctors and I just learned to live with it. It became part of life.

After having my children my symptoms improved, but my life took a different path to what I had planned or expected it to be. I was pretty angry with everything. I was juggling 2 businesses, pregnant, my husband at the time was not really present.

We had already gone through a separation prior to falling pregnant with my first child, but we decided to give it another go, which was when I fell pregnant with my son. I had a tough pregnancy was very ill and had a terrible labour. I tried to remain my positive self and charged at the world in my usual fashion but it was all a show. 3 years on things were worse, I was working constantly, I had gone through a terrible miscarriage and hemorrhaged.

I found out that my husband was cheating on me. I lost both my businesses and my husband then left for America leaving me to pick up the pieces, but I pulled up my boot straps, I now had Ethan to think about and did what I felt I had to do and what I thought was expected. 3 months after my husband left, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, 16 weeks pregnant! I was now on my own, salvaging what was left of my business, with a young child and pregnant. Fast forward 1 year my husband came home.

To be honest I had resigned myself to the fact it was over, but we had two kids and to be honest my only concern was them and doing what I thought at the time was best for them. I went into auto pilot, I provided for them and him and built a lifestyle that I thought would make them all happy, except me! Over the years my health suffered, the endermetrosos and irritable bowl symptoms reared their ugly head with avengence, but I also started to suffer with lots of other things as well. I felt like a hypercondriact.

I gained weight a tone of it, I never slept, but was constantly tired, I suffered with pain in all of my joints, headaches, acid indigestion, a type of fibromyalgia pain which caused constant inflammation, I could gain 10lbs over night and I was terrible depressed, although I wouldn’t admit it. Life was not good, I constantly worked, isolated myself from friends and family and split myself into 101 pieces to try and keep everyone happy. I burdened the stress of providing and supporting everyone, not only financially but physically and mentally.

My needs never came into the equation, because I was now a Mum and felt that was what I had to do and I did it all on my own. It didn’t occur to me that my husband my partner should be there to lean on and share the burden, because that’s just what I had always done. He completely brain washed and nearly broke me, but that’s another story. I never complained just cracked on, apart from being bloody miserable people would never have known.

This went on for years, then I finally hit a brick wall. I had taken on the project of building our family home, which I project managed and funded financially on my own. I moved the family 3 times in one year because the project kept getting delayed and we had nowhere to live. I was setting up a new business as well and still working full time in the existing one, my marriage was over and I finally couldn’t cope anymore. I was desperate, I constantly felt Ill, I started to have panic attacks, my blood pressure was through the roof and nobody had an answer.

I had lots of tests and finally went in for an operation, at the time I was constantly bleeding and honestly hoped this was the answer. Nope! Afterwards I still continued to be and feel Ill. Doctors couldn’t give me an answer. Over the years I tried everything, diets, medication, hormone replacement, hypnosis, at one point I was even diagnosed with candida I lived my life for 2 years without touching sugar. It helped but then something would trigger me and down I would go again.

I remember one day I left my GP surgery and just sat in my car and cried, I remember begging him to just give me something to make it all go away, but he didn’t have an answer. At this point just day to day life was hard, getting up and functioning was becoming impossible and for the first time in my life I thought what the hell is this all about surely this wasn’t it for me. Luckily through a turn of fate I found Jonathan. I would never have considered his approach in a million years but through shear desperation I had nothing to loose.

Leaving very sceptical after my first appointment and thinking I had gone bat shit crazy, I was led down a path which complete changed my life. 6 months later I am now pain free and 90% of my other symptoms have disappeared and although I still haven’t quite got to the end of the tunnel and life is still chucking things at me. I am pain free and confident that I have found something that will help me to maintain a life free from pain, anxiety, stress and finally I am just happy. Jonathan taught me that and it’s DTO. I will forever be grateful to this amazing man.


Depression - anxiety - pain 

I cannot adequately express how effective Jonathan’s system is. My depression has gone, anxiety is gone, kidney pains gone, knee, wrist, and hand pains gone, neck pain is gone, I feel genuinely happy, and can even eat wheat again! Even my phobia of bellybuttons went during my course of treatment. Stomach bloating which I thought I was lumbered with for life, and blamed on scar tissue from several operations actually went OVERNIGHT.

I went to Jonathan with a few aches and pains that I thought were just normal for my age, and previous medical history, totally disregarded chronic problems – such as the digestion – as not “real pain”, and certainly didn’t even entertain resolving quirks such as my bellybutton phobia. His treatment has surprised me on every level, especially with the way “other stuff’ resolved itself as treatment progressed. 

Jonathan has a very interesting method that has AMAZING results. I have seen a variety of therapists over the years (NLP, EFT, CBT, Physiotherapy, Hypnotherapy) and while they have all helped me on my journey, none have achieved long-lasting and what I feel to be such deep-seated resolution. You may think you are going to see him to resolve your pain, but what he achieves will actually benefit other areas of your life in ways you’d probably not thought possible.

Thanks, Jonathan! I am very happy to have found you! 

Hayleigh Neil


Before I started working with Jonathan I was extremely depressed. I wasn’t able to eat properly or even leave my bed. I had found myself getting closer and closer to being suicidal that I realized enough was enough. My boyfriend, who had already worked with Jonathan on his issues, recommended I have one session, just to try it out as my situation became very worrying to myself and him. I was sceptical for a long time before I decided I would give Jonathan a chance.
When my boyfriend and his mum told me about Jonathan and how he had helped them, I was worried I would be untreatable, I felt I had too much going on in my head that the thought of it all turning off scared me as it had been all I had ever known. I kept putting off seeing Jonathan because I believed I didn’t have a choice and that my depression had control of me
It got to the point where my family and friends noticed that I wasn’t myself for weeks, I had quit my job and became very hostile and numb. I woke up one day and just knew I couldn’t bear it anymore, my body and mind were exhausted and I felt I had no way out, I just wanted to turn it all off for good. That’s when my boyfriend decided he had to book a session for me. I realized myself that I had to try at least, that’s when I got the courage to just go. 
After about 3 or 4 sessions I began living my life again. I would wake up and feel free, energetic, and happy even. I managed to start working again, I found myself enjoying things more, I felt more like myself with every session. The depression didn’t have control over me anymore as Jonathan had taught me a way to control it myself. We worked on a lot of deep-rooted traumas that I had never even known were triggering my depression all along.

I feel so much happier; I find enjoyment in everything I used to love. I have begun to notice how I handle situations better now and how I can still use what Jonathan taught me to control my depression whenever I am triggered again. I still have a long way to go but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now which is something I had convinced myself I would never see

Andy Nathan


I was looking for a way to manage my feelings of being fed up with anxiety in specific situations

My only concern working with Jonathan was totally price based. It’s a lot of money to invest in someone I don’t know just on a recommendation.

However, as someone who is working towards being self-employed, I understand keenly the real value in trusting in professionals to be able to help facilitate transformation.  And I just took that leap of faith.

And I can promise you there’s not one second that goes by that makes me grateful to have Jonathan in my life even though we have finished the sessions.
I now have tools that I regularly use to manage challenges and I don’t have any anxiety now. Like, none. At all.  

I believe I have much improved overall self-confidence due to using DTO regularly for 3 months.  

I have overcome some pretty specific blocks and as a result, am significantly more chilled out when confronted with challenging situations.

I overcome adversity quickly - and have bouncebackability that I’ve never had before.

Jonathan’s support to me as a man has been transformative.  

Men - book your sessions with Jonathan.

I feel like I’m moving on with my life full of self-belief as a man who has stepped into his own power. Empowered and content.

Katherine Cullis

Relationship Problems 

Before I started working with Jonathan I was struggling to communicate and deal with issues in my relationship.  Small things would feel like big things and emotions would spiral out of control really easily and, whilst there was plenty o love in my relationship, there was also a really toxic side as well where I/we didn't deal with life as a team but more like two separate individuals who were pulling apart rather than together and taking our individual pressures out on each other which was not how we wanted to be or a great example to set to our children.

I wasn't sure of how Jonathan would help - I had tried counselling (individual and couples) and neither had led me to any great change or solved the problem so, although I had an open mind, I guess I thought more that it would be helpful and that I would learn something about myself rather than expecting a huge shift. I suppose it wasn't that I was worried about working with him, I just had set the bar quite low based on previous therapies so thought it would be more of the same - interesting but maybe not life changing...*facepalm*

I decided to work with Jonathan because my other half had started to do some sessions with him and in just a couple of weeks I could see a massive change in him.  In fact he was like a different person and he had different emotional reactions (positive ones) to things that used to send him on a negative spiral which would then set me off (and I could blame him for!) Without his negative reactions, my negative reactions suddenly weren't "justified" and it was clear that he had changed significantly for the better in a very short time and I wanted to do the same.

Jonathan's techniques cleared 20 years worth of confusion, emotions and relationship issues within a few weeks.  This was above and beyond any results that I had expected!  

The emotions that used to prevent me and my other half from being a strong partnership just don't come up for us any more as Jonathan has taught us to unravel the negative feelings whilst reprogramming the mind to change all our icky and habitual negative reactions and the stuff we used to be triggered by just doesn't come up for us any more as being an issue.

I am a better partner, mum and person who can take responsibility for what I feeling strong emotion or just "off" about and through Jonathan's processes, unravel, understand and adjust my thoughts and feelings to being happy, balanced, peaceful and in control in minutes.  This means that I respond better to situations in all aspects of my life and have a closer, happier and healthier family environment as a result which is HUGE after 20 years of living blindly in a mixture of love and conflict and not knowing why.

Ryan Shellard


Before I was very anxious about everything socially, everything harmless seemed to scare me.

Before seeing Jonathan I was afraid nothing would come of it and that nothing would change.

Since seeing Jonathan I have become a lot more confident in myself and what I can do, and I have been out in situations I would never have gone into before.

I can feel happy in environments that I would before be very uncomfortable in.

I feel a lot better within myself and can do a lot more than I felt I could before, I can go out and enjoy myself now without feeling anxious or worried about things you shouldn't worry about. 

Sandra Harnor


I give grateful thanks for being recommended to Jonathan, I was all over the place having seen many therapists to ease my anxiety & depression, through Jonathan's skill I was able to return to employment and now have started my own business.

Jonathan has never given up, he has given me tools to use to move my self forward & deal with situations.

Recently after a fall my right shoulder was injured & resulted in a frozen shoulder, with treatment from Jonathan's skilful hands and exercises at home the shoulder is almost free, wonderful.

I will continue to recommend Jonathan  to people with pain, he has great knowledge to ease people's minds & skill in his hands to work successfully with injuries to the body,

Wish you all success Jonathan.

Paolo Morena

Anxiety & Overwhelm

Before I started working with Jonathan, I felt overwhelmed by the challenges I faced, even the smallest of things would ware me down. I have tried numerous professional therapies to help me with my anxiety but nothing seemed to deal with the problem at its root core. After a particularly stressful week with my partner I was at a completely loose end and it felt crushing. 

Within the few months I have been working with Jonathan I have been able to focus my attention to some key issues in my past and understand how they have come to bare on my future, mentally, emotionally and physically. With Jonathans guidance he has taught me how to use DTO to put a brake on the negative emotions and quickly turn any situation around. Slowly but surely I am beginning to take back control of my life and that in turn has brought about fantastic changes in all aspects of my life.

Amanda Esanola

Emotional blocks

Working with Jonathon has been extremely refreshing, and filled with constant learning. His down-to-earth, open minded and caring way of being made it so easy to completely open up to him and the experience, which I heavily attribute to the often emotional, sometimes difficult, but always liberating sessions that we had. Thank you Jonathon for helping me help myself

Anthony Atkinson 

Fulfilling spousal Responsibility

For years my mind has been in a state of confusion - fulfilling an honourable spousal responsibility whilst battling with ever increasing levels of personal guilt, frustration and unhappiness. In the beginning I was able to ignore these “selfish” negatives simply believing that these were the cards I had been dealt and that nothing could change. However, with time (circa 15 years) the anguish and resentment became more prevalent in my everyday life. My mind was tired and confused, I felt lost and trapped and no matter how hard I searched for a solution I simply couldn’t find any answers. A good friend saw the change in my character and urged me to contact Jonathan. I remember the day I finally called to explain what was wrong and my need for help. I battled to contain my emotions but being truthful to a reassuring voice was the perfect start in dealing with the distress that had plagued me for so long. Each session I’ve had with Jonathan has been amazingly beneficial - he showed empathy, was not judgmental and got me to admit, accept and deal with my feelings/emotions. He helped me find solitude, alleviated the guilt and restored calm to my heart and mind. I have been able to identify how I want to feel and how I need to get there for the benefit on me and my family. In doing so the anguish and confusion has dissipated and a solution has come out of the depths of despair. I have now found a path that I didn’t think was possible to walk on. As a 40 something male in this day and age its extremely difficult to face up to the emotional distress and heartache we often face. Jonathan’s help has left me stronger and more confident. Things can only get better from here. Thanks Jonathan - I will be forever grateful

Charles Egleton


I had got myself in a state of panic and worry, which i couldn’t see a way out of. I was not sleeping, the situation was dangerously spiralling out of control and affecting people around me. 

As i was losing control of my thoughts, I was not able to concentrate on my work, which created more panic.

I had no worries about working with Jonathan and am glad i made the decision. I understood that i needed help with controlling my irrational thoughts and getting my life back on track. Jonathan was highly recommended and i made the right decision.

I made contact with Jonathan, I have had four sessions which taught me the techniques to clear my shame and anxiety to help me feel better. Using these techniques, I was able to get better and stop irrational thinking. 

I can say that i am now fully recovered and have overcome the bad period i had. 

I feel fully recovered and am able to get on with my life. I must say that this was not the first period of anxiety which i have suffered from. For me it starts with a trigger which sets of worry which quickly spirals out of control. Now that I have had the sessions with Jonathan and practised the techniques, I feel much better equipped if i am in that situation again. The DTO techniques i learned with Jonathan will help me to tackle any issue i face going forward.

Jasmine Berg

OCD & Eating Disorder

“I went to Jonathon with various issues such as problems with eating and OCD. After seeing various professionals in the past, including counsellors,I saw Jonathon who has since improved my life considerably by removing the stress from many aspects of my life.”

Karen Gadsby

50 years of depression

I had got myself in a state of panic and worry, which i couldn’t see a way out of. I was not sleeping, the situation was dangerously spiralling out of control and affecting people around me. 

As i was losing control of my thoughts, I was not able to concentrate on my work, which created more panic.

I had no worries about working with Jonathan and am glad i made the decision. I understood that i needed help with controlling my irrational thoughts and getting my life back on track. Jonathan was highly recommended and i made the right decision.

I made contact with Jonathan, I have had four sessions which taught me the techniques to clear my shame and anxiety to help me feel better. Using these techniques, I was able to get better and stop irrational thinking. 

I can say that i am now fully recovered and have overcome the bad period i had. 

I feel fully recovered and am able to get on with my life. I must say that this was not the first period of anxiety which i have suffered from. For me it starts with a trigger which sets of worry which quickly spirals out of control. Now that I have had the sessions with Jonathan and practised the techniques, I feel much better equipped if i am in that situation again. The DTO techniques i learned with Jonathan will help me to tackle any issue i face going forward.

Lynda Susie 

Stressed emotional & Overwhelmed 

I had a number of life struggles that I was trying to deal with before meeting Jonathan which were overwhelming me.  I was extremely stressed and emotional and struggling to find clarity.  

I didn’t have any particular fears as such, I am a strong believer in being open to new things, there was a worry that the method might not work.  I didn’t need counselling but I needed a way to deal with what was happening in my life and how be less stressed and happy again.

Its hard to explain the process that happens, its a bit like magic! Its not a change that happens overnight, but after a few weeks you notice the changes.

I am far less emotional, I carry less fear, I am far happier and I have been taught how to rid my mind of unnecessary fears, worries, stress and guilt.

I can honestly say that a particular issue I have had for years that I had never really come to terms with, has become the most empowering thing in my life.  I carried so much guilt and sadness, which has now changed to pride and positivity.  I wish I had met Jonathan years ago when I think how much mental pain and anguish I was in, It could have been solved years back.  I would highly recommend that you work with Jonathan, he has a unique way of freeing your mind, he’s like a magician!

Nathan Mazerole

Terrifying panic attacks 

When I found Jonathan I was very sceptical, the stereotypical Psychiatrists/Therapists are not my cup of tea shall we say, the idea of laying on a couch in a dark room opposite a guy in a chair writing down my life story and asking me “how do you feel about that” is never going to happen!

I’ve suffered with Anxiety for as long as I can remember which recently developed into sever panic attacks, Jonathan worked with me for a little over two months to turn the triggers off, he doesn’t just paper over the cracks like a lot of traditional therapy.

These panic attacks were terrifying, making me feel like the only option left was to take my own life, Jonathan and the work he does literally saved my life and I’ll be forever grateful.

Susie Powell 

Responsibility and guilt 

Before seeing Jonathan I was struggling with thoughts and feelings of responsibility and guilt. These weren’t tied to anything specific but general in nature and mostly irrational and had been around for years and years. Jonathan was recommended to me by a friend and I was keen to get started.

I had an initial session with Jonathan which was very useful and informative and I booked up for four sessions.  During the first session Jonathan worked with me to turn off the things that triggered these old, well worn-in beliefs of responsibility and guilt.  Incredibly I began to experience these thoughts and feelings diminishing and could feel the beliefs dropping away, I found this amazing as they had been around for so long.  This continued to happen both in the sessions and during the week whilst I did the homework that was set for me.

Towards the end of the four sessions I could feel that whatever had been holding these beliefs in place was letting them go and it felt great.  I began to feel freer, lighter and more confident.  My head felt clearer as I wasn’t constantly having these old beliefs coming into my thoughts.

Now after a couple of months I feel very different. The overriding sense of responsibility and guilt that was around for so long has gone and if something new does trigger me, I am able to work with the trigger and free myself.

A big huge thank you to Jonathan who made the whole process easy, fun and self affirming.

Toby Ottern

Dark Days & Arthritis 

After struggling through an extremely low point in my life, Jonathan was recommended by a friend,
I was sceptical but knew I needed help. What I found in Jonathan is difficult to describe, all I know is that
From having the darkest of dark days he was able to help, more quickly than I would have thought possible
and haven’t looked back. I now recommended him to pretty much everyone I meet.
After having treatment for early on set arthritis, being in excruciating pain even when stationary or sitting, I have just returned from my first run in 5 years, life changing is not an exaggeration. Thank you.

Sarah Brett

Severe Bladder Pain

I started having bladder issues from the age of 16, but my symptoms had dramatically worsened by the age of 19. It was from this point that my illness started to have a negative impact on my life. I began seeing multiple doctors and urologists to try and find the cause of my pain. After years of testing, biopsies, cystoscopies, surgical examinations, I was diagnosed with Chronic Bladder Syndrome, also known as Chronic Interstitial Cystitis. I was happy to finally have a diagnosis, but was at a loss when the urologists told me it was a psychogenic disorder – therefore, it was in my head and I needed to control it. The pain, irritation and burning was debilitating. It was an indescribable pain! It had a massive negative impact on my work and personal life. It completely ruined holidays, birthdays, weddings, social events. It meant that I was never able to enjoy anything! I was in severe pain for months at a time and was constantly exhausted in the battle to manage it! There was never an end to it!
I began to research the disorder to look for other people in the same situation. I began the IC food and drink diet, which is extremely restrictive! I was put on multiple medications to manage it. These included strong antidepressants and epilepsy tablets! These all made me feel nauseous and like a zombie! Nothing helped. The level and frequency of the pain was getting worse by the day. I began acupuncture 4 times a month, which also had no effect. I even asked doctors if having my bladder removed was an option……. It wasn’t! After all, it was a perfectly healthy bladder.
After a suggestion from my sister (who had seen first-hand how my quality of life had been effected), I began working with Jonathan. Before I started, I’ll admit - I was sceptical! I didn’t believe that someone would be able to get rid of my pain without the use of strong medication. But after dealing with the pain for over a decade, I was willing to give anything a try! In the first session, Jonathan helped me find the initial biological shock that was the root of all my chronic pain. From this point on, everything began to change! I worked with Jonathan weekly to identify all my pain triggers. We used his DTO method to remove these. Within the first 2 weeks I was much better! 8 sessions later and my pain had gone!! After over a decade of unbearable chronic pain, it was no longer there! Even better, I haven’t taken a single tablet since the first session – which at that point, I was on 8-10 tablets a day and relied heavily on them. In total I had been on medication for 11 years straight and now I have no need for them! My quality of life has completely changed! I can work and socialise like a normal person. My family and friends are amazed at my transformation. It has been absolutely life – changing! I can’t explain how much my life has improved!
Jonathan was so caring, understanding and patient throughout. I cannot recommend him enough! It sounds too good to be true – but it isn’t!! Try it and see!

Sharon Hellier

Back pain

I must admit I was rather sceptical when my husband mentioned having a session with Jonathan but eventually I agreed simply to appease! However, after the first session I was less sceptical. After a few sessions I pulled my back and couldn’t sit down or lie down, only stand – it was excruciating. I was due to speak to Jonathan and explained I was in too much pain to talk. Jonathan insisted he could help so I gave it a whirl. I still can’t quite believe what happened next, but after a short period of time of speaking with Jonathan I was sitting without pain. My back remained fixed and I never sought treatment elsewhere. (I normally have to see a Chiropractor to fix it). I am now a total believer and convert … I have never recovered from back pain so quickly and I have remained pain free since. My Husband, who was already convinced with Jonathan’s DTO, was without words. For him, seeing something physically mend in this way was the icing on the cake. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan and have indeed persuaded friends to give it a go. They too are now benefitting from DTO!

Marianne Edwards

Anxiety and self worth about work

I’m not quite sure what you’ve done to me but I honestly can’t thank you enough. You’ve completely changed my life.

Since our sessions, I’ve been through redundancy consultation (thankfully I’ve kept my job) and I just coped with everything from start to finish so well. Barely any stress or anxiety at all. I even set up a contingency plan if I were to be let go which was to go back to uni in September. I’m actually still planning to do that part time, providing I get accepted.
I’ve also managed lockdown successfully, of course I get a pang of anxiety now and then but I’ve been able to naturally bring myself out of it. It’s like a switch has flipped and it feels absolutely insane.
When I speak to people about it they genuinely can’t believe the difference in me.

Thank you so so so much.
You’ve honestly changed my life

Carol Robertson

3 years of sciatic pain

I was introduced to Jonathan through my son-in-law who had met him in a professional capacity. Having suffered with sciatica for almost 3 years plus deep rooted emotional issues, and being completely disillusioned with mainstream medicine and some complimentary like Physiotherapy and Chiropractic I decided I had nothing more to lose.
When you first meet Jonathan his demeanour is very friendly, approachable, humble and he gives you his full attention during your appointment which I find builds the trust you need with someone you are baring your soul to.
So after 1 consultation and 4 treatments I am pain free, (my sciatica has completely gone). Emotionally, the negativity towards issues has been switched off and I am able to get on with my life without the past dominating my future. I am 73 years of age and had almost given up and resigned myself to never being pain free. Now I can start living again.

Ethan Grove

Chronic Headache and neck pain

My son started developing symptoms around the age of 10. He started off with minor headaches and neck pain which would come and go. Eventually over a period of time they became more frequent and intense and they caused him to feel dizzy and effect his vision.
As the attacks became more frequent I booked an appointment with my doctor who referred me to a specialist at the Nuffield hospital. The appointment was due just before we were going on holiday. A series of test were carried out including bloods and a MRI scan.
While we were away he became very ill, the headaches would come on violently and he would be sick with the pain. Once we got home the test result came back inconclusive. The specialist had no answer and recommended he should see a neurologist. Her diagnosis was that he was suffering with migraines and medication would be the only option in this case.
Ethan was 11 at the time and I really did not like the thought of him starting medication at such a young age. I was also not satisfied with the diagnosis. Although relieved that it was nothing sinister, I just had a gut feeling that there must be a better option out there for him.
Ethan was taking exams by this time and everyday he was battling to go into school. I was picking him up after the exams as he was suffering daily with migraines.
I started off taking him to an osteopath that specialised in craniopathy. He carried out a consultation and by the end of the treatment he concluded that the issue stemmed from a car accident that we had 3 years prior. He felt he could help Ethan but it would be a long process with weekly treatment and would possibly mean he would need maintenance treatment for life. I found this puzzling as he was so young, surly he should heal over time? but I went with it as Ethan did get some relief.
Over a period of serval weeks Ethan did improve then unfortunately he had to have a break between treatments as the osteopath went on holiday. While he was away Ethan deteriorated. I then found another osteopath specialising in craniopathy and took him to see her. She had a slightly different approach to the first and also touched on the emotional trauma of the car accident. It helped but Ethan’s symptoms still didn’t completely disappear and I couldn’t get a regular appointment.
By this point I felt desperate, he was suffering, so I began to considered putting him on the medication. A friend then recommended me to Jonathan I thought I had nothing to loose so I made contact and booked an appointment.
On the day of treatment I had to pick Ethan up from school early as he had another attack. I dragged him out of bed despite the fact that he felt so unwell and went to see Jonathan. Within the hour, Jonathan found the emotional route cause and switched Ethan’s headache off completely. To this day he has not suffered from a Migraine.
Ethan is back to his old self, active happy, funny, doing brilliantly at school and growing taller by the day. I can not recommend Jonathan enough, he is amazing at what he does and his technique is truly life changing.

Ayshea Goldberg

Business blocks

I met Jonathan and heard him describe what he did to help people, it seemed so at odds with what I believed in terms of treating pain and emotional issues and blockages, that I was curious to know more. I didn’t know what to expect from the sessions, so went in with an open mind, not expecting to experience such a huge change in myself. I didn't even realise that I had emotional blockages that had caused such a negative impact on myself, and especially not them causing the chronic physical pain I’d been suffering from for over a year.
Over the course of a few sessions Jonathan helped me discover and identify the thoughts that have been holding me back professionally and limiting my self belief. He then cleared these blockages, making me feel literally lighter and more confident towards developing my business. My attitude towards many aspects of business has had a positive change and I feel like I can be myself and still succeed. I feel happy, content and at peace in life too.
I don't feel the same limitations to myself that I did before, and Jonathan has taught me a coping mechanism that is simple and yet so effective, so will help me in any scenario where I have feelings of negativity. I recommend that anyone who feels pain, unhappy, anxiety and stress - even if they don't know why - to see Jonathan. He’ll gently lead you to the issue and help you clear the blockages. What Jonathan has done for me is incredible and I’m incredibly grateful for his help.

Jo Roblin

Years Of Back Pain

After suffering with lower back pain for several years and being told what could be causing the pain by my GP. I insisted that I had an MRI scan to eliminate what it ‘could’ actually be? The scan fortunately showed absolutely nothing wrong, which is good but didn’t give me an explanation as to why I was suffering. I was prescribed anti-inflammatory, tried physio sessions, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncture and sports massage but none of these treatments worked.

By coincidence, on one of my many visits to a clinic for back pain, I bumped into a friend that had been visiting Jonathan. Her reasons were very different to mine, but she was so impressed with Jonathan’s results that she urged me to call him. I had nothing to loose, so I made contact. I was a bit sceptical, but I’m opened minded and was ready to give anything a go. It took a couple of sessions to ‘sort of’ understand where Jonathan’s technique was heading to, but I absolutely understand now and why I was suffering as I was. After 9 sessions with Jonathan, I can honestly say I’m so much better. Jonathan has supplied me with the tools to make sure I stay well too. I can’t speak highly enough about Johnathan and his DTO technique and would absolutely recommend. THANK YOU!


Anxiety About Having Children

Jonathan has a special technique which is amazing
I have always been a nervous anxious person and it got worse as I got older especially at the thought of having children in my 40’s
I had 5 sessions with Jonathan and I am in a much better state of mind and feeling very positive
I highly recommend him as he can change your life