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Business blocks

I met Jonathan and heard him describe what he did to help people, it seemed so at odds with what I believed in terms of treating pain and emotional issues and blockages, that I was curious to know more. I didn’t know what to expect from the sessions, so went in with an open mind, not expecting to experience such a huge change in myself. I didn't even realise that I had emotional blockages that had caused such a negative impact on myself, and especially not them causing the chronic physical pain I’d been suffering from for over a year.
Over the course of a few sessions Jonathan helped me discover and identify the thoughts that have been holding me back professionally and limiting my self belief. He then cleared these blockages, making me feel literally lighter and more confident towards developing my business. My attitude towards many aspects of business has had a positive change and I feel like I can be myself and still succeed. I feel happy, content and at peace in life too.
I don't feel the same limitations to myself that I did before, and Jonathan has taught me a coping mechanism that is simple and yet so effective, so will help me in any scenario where I have feelings of negativity. I recommend that anyone who feels pain, unhappy, anxiety and stress - even if they don't know why - to see Jonathan. He’ll gently lead you to the issue and help you clear the blockages. What Jonathan has done for me is incredible and I’m incredibly grateful for his help.


Ayshea Goldberg

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