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3 years of sciatic pain

I was introduced to Jonathan through my son-in-law who had met him in a professional capacity. Having suffered with sciatica for almost 3 years plus deep rooted emotional issues, and being completely disillusioned with mainstream medicine and some complimentary like Physiotherapy and Chiropractic I decided I had nothing more to lose.
When you first meet Jonathan his demeanour is very friendly, approachable, humble and he gives you his full attention during your appointment which I find builds the trust you need with someone you are baring your soul to.
So after 1 consultation and 4 treatments I am pain free, (my sciatica has completely gone). Emotionally, the negativity towards issues has been switched off and I am able to get on with my life without the past dominating my future. I am 73 years of age and had almost given up and resigned myself to never being pain free. Now I can start living again.


Carol Robertson

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