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20 years Of Depression Resolved And i'm off all my medication

When people say that you ‘suffer‘ from depression I really did, for 20 years. Every day was a struggle and it affected every part of my life. I took the tablets the doctor prescribed, went to talking therapy and never got any better. If anything I got worse and ended up with anxiety as well.

I was recommended Jonathon and his deceptively simple technique, expertly coupled with his knowledge and insight into how to clear false beliefs and past traumas has been life changing for me. I am incredibly grateful to him to be able to say that I am no longer a depressed person and I have been off of all medication for over a year.

Which is something that amazes me as its not how we are told that depression works. Current medical opinion is that you take tablets for the rest of your life to combat the symptoms but they don’t cure you. With Jonathans help there is a different way of thinking and you can recover.


Clare Magnuss

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