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Chronic Pain and illness 

I tore my Achilles tendon and was in constant pain. I chose to live with it like everything else and 18 months after the accident, assigned myself to the fact that I would never wear heals again.

Then I was introduced to Jonathan. He said he could help and told me the pain was because I didn’t know what direction my life was going in. My life was a complete train wreck at the time and this hit me like a sledge hammer, as it resonated with everything I was going through at the time, so after 2 weeks of mulling it over I booked an appointment.

First session he examined my ankle and leg and then treated me with DTO. Now for me this was strange, no manipulation, no massage, I was expecting to be tortured for an hour. Instead we spoke about my emotions and he switched them off or so he told me, I left feeling very sceptical Normally I would have run a mile, however I was desperate and went with it.

My appointment was on a Sunday, by the following weekend I thought I would test the theory and was running around London in 4 inch heals. No pain literally no pain! But still sceptical I expected the pain to come back.

Luckily for the first time in years I actually had two weekend’s out in a row, so I put it to the test once again. I went to the party and danced the night away with my high heels on and to my shock and amazement, to this day I’ve not had an issue with the pain.

So the story continues, not one for generally sharing but here goes because everyone needs to know about Jonathan Shaw and the life changing DTO system. From a child I suffered with irritable bowl and endometriosis, both diagnosed by doctors and I just learned to live with it. It became part of life.

After having my children my symptoms improved, but my life took a different path to what I had planned or expected it to be. I was pretty angry with everything. I was juggling 2 businesses, pregnant, my husband at the time was not really present.

We had already gone through a separation prior to falling pregnant with my first child, but we decided to give it another go, which was when I fell pregnant with my son. I had a tough pregnancy was very ill and had a terrible labour. I tried to remain my positive self and charged at the world in my usual fashion but it was all a show. 3 years on things were worse, I was working constantly, I had gone through a terrible miscarriage and hemorrhaged.

I found out that my husband was cheating on me. I lost both my businesses and my husband then left for America leaving me to pick up the pieces, but I pulled up my boot straps, I now had Ethan to think about and did what I felt I had to do and what I thought was expected. 3 months after my husband left, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, 16 weeks pregnant! I was now on my own, salvaging what was left of my business, with a young child and pregnant. Fast forward 1 year my husband came home.

To be honest I had resigned myself to the fact it was over, but we had two kids and to be honest my only concern was them and doing what I thought at the time was best for them. I went into auto pilot, I provided for them and him and built a lifestyle that I thought would make them all happy, except me! Over the years my health suffered, the endermetrosos and irritable bowl symptoms reared their ugly head with avengence, but I also started to suffer with lots of other things as well. I felt like a hypercondriact.

I gained weight a tone of it, I never slept, but was constantly tired, I suffered with pain in all of my joints, headaches, acid indigestion, a type of fibromyalgia pain which caused constant inflammation, I could gain 10lbs over night and I was terrible depressed, although I wouldn’t admit it. Life was not good, I constantly worked, isolated myself from friends and family and split myself into 101 pieces to try and keep everyone happy. I burdened the stress of providing and supporting everyone, not only financially but physically and mentally.

My needs never came into the equation, because I was now a Mum and felt that was what I had to do and I did it all on my own. It didn’t occur to me that my husband my partner should be there to lean on and share the burden, because that’s just what I had always done. He completely brain washed and nearly broke me, but that’s another story. I never complained just cracked on, apart from being bloody miserable people would never have known.

This went on for years, then I finally hit a brick wall. I had taken on the project of building our family home, which I project managed and funded financially on my own. I moved the family 3 times in one year because the project kept getting delayed and we had nowhere to live. I was setting up a new business as well and still working full time in the existing one, my marriage was over and I finally couldn’t cope anymore. I was desperate, I constantly felt Ill, I started to have panic attacks, my blood pressure was through the roof and nobody had an answer.

I had lots of tests and finally went in for an operation, at the time I was constantly bleeding and honestly hoped this was the answer. Nope! Afterwards I still continued to be and feel Ill. Doctors couldn’t give me an answer. Over the years I tried everything, diets, medication, hormone replacement, hypnosis, at one point I was even diagnosed with candida I lived my life for 2 years without touching sugar. It helped but then something would trigger me and down I would go again.

I remember one day I left my GP surgery and just sat in my car and cried, I remember begging him to just give me something to make it all go away, but he didn’t have an answer. At this point just day to day life was hard, getting up and functioning was becoming impossible and for the first time in my life I thought what the hell is this all about surely this wasn’t it for me. Luckily through a turn of fate I found Jonathan. I would never have considered his approach in a million years but through shear desperation I had nothing to loose.

Leaving very sceptical after my first appointment and thinking I had gone bat shit crazy, I was led down a path which complete changed my life. 6 months later I am now pain free and 90% of my other symptoms have disappeared and although I still haven’t quite got to the end of the tunnel and life is still chucking things at me. I am pain free and confident that I have found something that will help me to maintain a life free from pain, anxiety, stress and finally I am just happy. Jonathan taught me that and it’s DTO. I will forever be grateful to this amazing man.


Emalene Grove

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