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Chronic Headache and neck pain

My son started developing symptoms around the age of 10. He started off with minor headaches and neck pain which would come and go. Eventually over a period of time they became more frequent and intense and they caused him to feel dizzy and effect his vision.
As the attacks became more frequent I booked an appointment with my doctor who referred me to a specialist at the Nuffield hospital. The appointment was due just before we were going on holiday. A series of test were carried out including bloods and a MRI scan.
While we were away he became very ill, the headaches would come on violently and he would be sick with the pain. Once we got home the test result came back inconclusive. The specialist had no answer and recommended he should see a neurologist. Her diagnosis was that he was suffering with migraines and medication would be the only option in this case.
Ethan was 11 at the time and I really did not like the thought of him starting medication at such a young age. I was also not satisfied with the diagnosis. Although relieved that it was nothing sinister, I just had a gut feeling that there must be a better option out there for him.
Ethan was taking exams by this time and everyday he was battling to go into school. I was picking him up after the exams as he was suffering daily with migraines.
I started off taking him to an osteopath that specialised in craniopathy. He carried out a consultation and by the end of the treatment he concluded that the issue stemmed from a car accident that we had 3 years prior. He felt he could help Ethan but it would be a long process with weekly treatment and would possibly mean he would need maintenance treatment for life. I found this puzzling as he was so young, surly he should heal over time? but I went with it as Ethan did get some relief.
Over a period of serval weeks Ethan did improve then unfortunately he had to have a break between treatments as the osteopath went on holiday. While he was away Ethan deteriorated. I then found another osteopath specialising in craniopathy and took him to see her. She had a slightly different approach to the first and also touched on the emotional trauma of the car accident. It helped but Ethan’s symptoms still didn’t completely disappear and I couldn’t get a regular appointment.
By this point I felt desperate, he was suffering, so I began to considered putting him on the medication. A friend then recommended me to Jonathan I thought I had nothing to loose so I made contact and booked an appointment.
On the day of treatment I had to pick Ethan up from school early as he had another attack. I dragged him out of bed despite the fact that he felt so unwell and went to see Jonathan. Within the hour, Jonathan found the emotional route cause and switched Ethan’s headache off completely. To this day he has not suffered from a Migraine.
Ethan is back to his old self, active happy, funny, doing brilliantly at school and growing taller by the day. I can not recommend Jonathan enough, he is amazing at what he does and his technique is truly life changing.


Ethan Grove

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