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Years Of Back Pain

After suffering with lower back pain for several years and being told what could be causing the pain by my GP. I insisted that I had an MRI scan to eliminate what it ‘could’ actually be? The scan fortunately showed absolutely nothing wrong, which is good but didn’t give me an explanation as to why I was suffering. I was prescribed anti-inflammatory, tried physio sessions, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncture and sports massage but none of these treatments worked.

By coincidence, on one of my many visits to a clinic for back pain, I bumped into a friend that had been visiting Jonathan. Her reasons were very different to mine, but she was so impressed with Jonathan’s results that she urged me to call him. I had nothing to loose, so I made contact. I was a bit sceptical, but I’m opened minded and was ready to give anything a go. It took a couple of sessions to ‘sort of’ understand where Jonathan’s technique was heading to, but I absolutely understand now and why I was suffering as I was. After 9 sessions with Jonathan, I can honestly say I’m so much better. Jonathan has supplied me with the tools to make sure I stay well too. I can’t speak highly enough about Johnathan and his DTO technique and would absolutely recommend. THANK YOU!


Jo Roblin

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