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I was recommended to Jonathan by a dear friend who said their experience with DTO was life changing. That was good enough for me to try it out, for some deep rooted anxiety issues that had manifested over the years. Some even going back to my childhood. I must say I found the DTO system very interesting and actually quite a simple, but very effective technique. Jonathan was great to work with and I found the sessions lots of fun personally, which I wasn’t expecting. Some issues I let go of straight away and a few took a little longer to release. I definitely felt the effects from the first session and continued to fell much better as we went along week by week. By the end of 8 sessions I literally felt like a different person. Wondering why so many little issues had been having such a negative effect on my life. Nothing major, but all just running in the back ground, creating their own fight, flight or freeze effect. Add them all together and they were having a major effect on a day to day basis.
I highly recommend Jonathan and the DTO method. He makes you feel so relaxed and explains in detail what creates and why we suffer from these issues. Fascinatingly simple but extremely effective 😎🙏


Lawrence Edney

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