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Stressed emotional & Overwhelmed 

I had a number of life struggles that I was trying to deal with before meeting Jonathan which were overwhelming me.  I was extremely stressed and emotional and struggling to find clarity.  

I didn’t have any particular fears as such, I am a strong believer in being open to new things, there was a worry that the method might not work.  I didn’t need counselling but I needed a way to deal with what was happening in my life and how be less stressed and happy again.

Its hard to explain the process that happens, its a bit like magic! Its not a change that happens overnight, but after a few weeks you notice the changes.

I am far less emotional, I carry less fear, I am far happier and I have been taught how to rid my mind of unnecessary fears, worries, stress and guilt.

I can honestly say that a particular issue I have had for years that I had never really come to terms with, has become the most empowering thing in my life.  I carried so much guilt and sadness, which has now changed to pride and positivity.  I wish I had met Jonathan years ago when I think how much mental pain and anguish I was in, It could have been solved years back.  I would highly recommend that you work with Jonathan, he has a unique way of freeing your mind, he’s like a magician!


Lynda Susie 

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