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Severe Bladder Pain

I started having bladder issues from the age of 16, but my symptoms had dramatically worsened by the age of 19. It was from this point that my illness started to have a negative impact on my life. I began seeing multiple doctors and urologists to try and find the cause of my pain. After years of testing, biopsies, cystoscopies, surgical examinations, I was diagnosed with Chronic Bladder Syndrome, also known as Chronic Interstitial Cystitis. I was happy to finally have a diagnosis, but was at a loss when the urologists told me it was a psychogenic disorder – therefore, it was in my head and I needed to control it. The pain, irritation and burning was debilitating. It was an indescribable pain! It had a massive negative impact on my work and personal life. It completely ruined holidays, birthdays, weddings, social events. It meant that I was never able to enjoy anything! I was in severe pain for months at a time and was constantly exhausted in the battle to manage it! There was never an end to it!
I began to research the disorder to look for other people in the same situation. I began the IC food and drink diet, which is extremely restrictive! I was put on multiple medications to manage it. These included strong antidepressants and epilepsy tablets! These all made me feel nauseous and like a zombie! Nothing helped. The level and frequency of the pain was getting worse by the day. I began acupuncture 4 times a month, which also had no effect. I even asked doctors if having my bladder removed was an option……. It wasn’t! After all, it was a perfectly healthy bladder.
After a suggestion from my sister (who had seen first-hand how my quality of life had been effected), I began working with Jonathan. Before I started, I’ll admit - I was sceptical! I didn’t believe that someone would be able to get rid of my pain without the use of strong medication. But after dealing with the pain for over a decade, I was willing to give anything a try! In the first session, Jonathan helped me find the initial biological shock that was the root of all my chronic pain. From this point on, everything began to change! I worked with Jonathan weekly to identify all my pain triggers. We used his DTO method to remove these. Within the first 2 weeks I was much better! 8 sessions later and my pain had gone!! After over a decade of unbearable chronic pain, it was no longer there! Even better, I haven’t taken a single tablet since the first session – which at that point, I was on 8-10 tablets a day and relied heavily on them. In total I had been on medication for 11 years straight and now I have no need for them! My quality of life has completely changed! I can work and socialise like a normal person. My family and friends are amazed at my transformation. It has been absolutely life – changing! I can’t explain how much my life has improved!
Jonathan was so caring, understanding and patient throughout. I cannot recommend him enough! It sounds too good to be true – but it isn’t!! Try it and see!


Sarah Brett

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