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Back pain

I must admit I was rather sceptical when my husband mentioned having a session with Jonathan but eventually I agreed simply to appease! However, after the first session I was less sceptical. After a few sessions I pulled my back and couldn’t sit down or lie down, only stand – it was excruciating. I was due to speak to Jonathan and explained I was in too much pain to talk. Jonathan insisted he could help so I gave it a whirl. I still can’t quite believe what happened next, but after a short period of time of speaking with Jonathan I was sitting without pain. My back remained fixed and I never sought treatment elsewhere. (I normally have to see a Chiropractor to fix it). I am now a total believer and convert … I have never recovered from back pain so quickly and I have remained pain free since. My Husband, who was already convinced with Jonathan’s DTO, was without words. For him, seeing something physically mend in this way was the icing on the cake. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan and have indeed persuaded friends to give it a go. They too are now benefitting from DTO!


Sharon Hellier

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