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Responsibility and guilt 

Before seeing Jonathan I was struggling with thoughts and feelings of responsibility and guilt. These weren’t tied to anything specific but general in nature and mostly irrational and had been around for years and years. Jonathan was recommended to me by a friend and I was keen to get started.

I had an initial session with Jonathan which was very useful and informative and I booked up for four sessions.  During the first session Jonathan worked with me to turn off the things that triggered these old, well worn-in beliefs of responsibility and guilt.  Incredibly I began to experience these thoughts and feelings diminishing and could feel the beliefs dropping away, I found this amazing as they had been around for so long.  This continued to happen both in the sessions and during the week whilst I did the homework that was set for me.

Towards the end of the four sessions I could feel that whatever had been holding these beliefs in place was letting them go and it felt great.  I began to feel freer, lighter and more confident.  My head felt clearer as I wasn’t constantly having these old beliefs coming into my thoughts.

Now after a couple of months I feel very different. The overriding sense of responsibility and guilt that was around for so long has gone and if something new does trigger me, I am able to work with the trigger and free myself.

A big huge thank you to Jonathan who made the whole process easy, fun and self affirming.


Susie Powell 

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