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How DTO Help's
Solve Problems In 3 Steps?

The DTO System works in 3 different ways, UNDERSTANDING, PINPOINTING, and SWITCHING OFF 

The first part is the simplest to explain but possibly the hardest to get your head around.  


The biggest problem today is when ever we have a problem to solve, like our health, our finances, relationships, success, Phobias, Addictions. Etc. We always blame something outside of us, or someone else, or whats happened to us. We are never taught to look inwards, Not really look at how we are thinking and feeling, and for a lot of us that seems scary to do that, we shy away from it and don't want to go there. which is a shame cause if more people did that and new how to do it, the world would be a much happier safer and healthier place. 

Don't get me wrong when I was in my early 20s and I learnt this, it was scary for me too. But over the last 23 years of working on myself and working with 1000s of clients I have found the best way to resolve most problems especially health problems is by looking at our thoughts, feelings and beliefs that have been created from past memories/traumas current triggers and behaviours.

But how do we do that and is it really possible? Well over the last 2 decades I have studied and researched many of the techniques out there for dealing with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, negative memories/traumas, triggers & behaviours.

Some of them worked well, some worked a bit, and some didn't work at all. But none of them solved my depression. 

Then in 2013 I stumbled Upon something that changed my life and has helped me change 1000s of client's lives since 

And I call it THE DTO SYSTEM 

With DTO there is no analysing or diving into your past or talking about your childhood or traumas over and over again.

Cause let's be honest, No one wants to do that.

But we still need to deal with those things so we can heal. The good news is DTO allows us to deal with our negative memories/traumas, our beliefs, triggers & behaviours in a way that is easy gentle but very powerful. so that we no longer are being traumatised by our past, or held back by our limiting beliefs or constantly being triggered and behaving in ways we do not want to but instead we are able to move on with our lives and live healthy happy successful lives just the way it should be.


Once we understand that 95% of our problems are created through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories, traumas, Triggers & behaviours. the next step is to pin point which memories or triggers, behaviours, beliefs etc are cause our problem. I mean where do you start. it can seem overwhelming especially if you have had the problem for a long time. 

People sometimes spend years trying to analyse their problems with counselling or traditional therapy and yet even if they do understand it, still doesn't change anything. So whats the answer? 

The DTO system has a unique process and simple questions to get to the root of your problem without all the unnecessary analysis, and without having to talk about things over and over or delve deep into your past. 

So i'm going to make it really simple, all of our past negative memories/traumas, beliefs, triggers & behaviours are basically us going into Fight & Flight. 

Now Fight & Flight is only for if we are actually in physical danger and our life is under threat, but the problem is humans have started going into Fight & Flight over life situations like relationships, work, family, money etc.

But the beauty is that because we are all just going into Fight & Flight, the Fight & flight response can be switched off using the DTO System.

Now before you ask, No you can't switch off Genuine Fight & Flight for when you are in actual danger, That will always be there. But you can switch off the false Fight & Flight state that has been triggered over life situations or that is still running from the past if you were ever  in a dangerous situation but just hasn't switched off, E.g. like the war or a violent relationship etc.

So in a nutshell The DTO System pinpoints the Fight & Flight states that keep our negative memories/traumas, beliefs, Triggers, behaviours running so that one the Fight & Flight is off we are no longer affected by our memories triggers and behaviours so our mind and body heals 

So how does DTO Switch the Fight & Flight Off?


Now we understand that all our problems come from our negative memories/traumas, beliefs, triggers & behaviours, and we have a little understanding of how DTO Pinpoints the problem by finding the Fight & Flight response, How do we then switch the false Fight & Flight Off.

Well I could spend hours trying to explain it and you may still have trouble understanding how it actually is able to switch things off because we have all been taught that its not possible, we have been taught for 100's of years that are thoughts are set and cant be changed and that we just have to live with it and find ways to manage or control it.

Well that is just not true 

So let me see if i can help you understand your brain a little easier 

Imagine your mind like a giant switch board, and right now you have switches that are on that are keeping the negative memories/traumas, triggers & behaviours running in the background. But you also have positive switches that are off like peace, love, joy, happiness etc from positive happy memories. 

Well doing DTO just flips the switch so the negative switches turn off and the positive one turn on. It really is as simple as that, its almost like magic

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