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About Jonathan

founder of The DTO System, Decoding Pain & The DTO Academy 

Jonathan’s mission is to change the way people view illness, disease, and pain, so they see it as something that can be overcome and not just manage.

Jonathan has been helping people heal their chronic pain for over 25 years. He has treated conditions such as..........

Chronic Pain, Arthritis and Inflammation within the body

Auto Immune Conditions, Stomach related diseases, 

Migraine's & Vertigo

Metal Health: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Grief, and Trauma

To Bronchitis, Flu, Chicken Pox, Bladder Infections, and the common Cold

I don't only look at the symptoms people have, I look at why those symptoms are there - the root cause of the problem.

Jonathan has helped 1000's of people change and transform their lives. Allowing them to create freedom, happiness, do more of what they love with the people they love, while providing them with a proven system to maintain a life FREE from stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and illness.

Jonathan created and developed the Decoding Pain Process, sparked by a personal journey and years of study which he launched in 1995.


He developed his techniques after discovering that your bodies biological response was deeply connected to your physical symptoms.


Unlike most medical or alternative treatments out there, which are taught to treat the symptoms and not the cause.


His step by step proven system releases all types of chronic pain and gets you back feeling healthy, strong, and confident when traditional and alternative medicine has not worked.

Jonathan deep understanding of the human body and psyche gives him the ability to uncover people’s deepest emotional blocks, when combined with his wealth of knowledge on the body and physical symptoms, healing is accelerated, and pain eradicate.

Jonathan wrote his first book in 2014

Decoding Pain - The Emotional Blueprint To Healing Chronic pain Forever.


Explaining the fastest way to heal chronic pain even when nothing else has worked. 

In 2013 Jonathan’s passion eventually led him to create The DTO System.

This accidental discovery led to a powerful yet simple way to “delete” and remove past traumas, negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs... but also effectively remove limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and self-sabotage which prevents the majority of people, like you and I, from reaching and achieving our intentions and goals.

It can literally switch off past negative memories and traumas, heal limiting beliefs and release the negative emotions that cause Illness and hold us back in life. It can heal depression and anxiety without counselling or taking medication. ​ 

Depression, Grief, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Chronic pain & PTSD 


Can all be overcome with this profound system that addresses the root cause of the problem. It can also help to resolve and clear money blocks, enhance self-worth issues and basically allow you to live a happier and healthier version of you.

The DTO System is without a doubt, the most effective personal development tool ever created. Using the latest ground-breaking research and decades of development in the inner workings of the human mind, The DTO evolution can transform any individual’s life by implementing a highly successful process. 


Jonathan’s mission to make pain and illness a thing of the past motivated him to write his second book, The DTO handbook.


He wanted to share his discovery with the world and give people a daily tool that they could do themselves to help navigate and deal with daily triggers and responses that effected their physical and emotional wellbeing.

You do not need to understand it for it to work, it can be done anywhere, it is a simple system and when applied to your daily routine its life changing.

It literally switches off negative inner beliefs and emotions that are stopping your from feeling happy and achieving your dreams and contribute to illness and pain. While switching on positive beliefs and emotions so you can be the real you.

Its just like switching off a light switch

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