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Basic DTO Clearing Method

Are you ready to stop managing and treating symptoms and finally deal with the cause of your problem. Are you ready to look at your problem in a new way so that we can solve it once and for all and give you your health and life back.

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During the consult we will discuss the problem your having, I will explain why what you have tried so far has not worked to resolve your problem.

I will explain why we are set up to fail at resolving/healing our problems and what to do to change that so you can be free of your problem once and for all.

I will go through the actual root cause of your specific problem and explain cause and effect with you. And show you how DTO deals with the cause of your problem, naturally allowing your mind and body to heal itself.



The Consultation can be done either on Zoom or over the Phone , So it doesn't matter where you live in the world.


At the moment due to my busy client base my times are limited ( see below for Shedule )

Duration  &  Cost

Zoom or Phone consultations last approximately 30 Minutes and is FREE 

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