Basic DTO Switching off Technique

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This is the first basic training in the DTO system, If you want to learn DTO to heal your past memories/Traumas, Thoughts, Feelings Beliefs etc then this is the first place to start.

Duration - 1 Hour

Price - Just $7.00


In this training i'm going to teach you the basic switching off process I stumbled upon back in 2013. This process is the first place to start because it is the foundation for everything that follows in the DTO system. Once you understand how to switch off your negative responses you can learn how to find your specific Memories/Traumas, Beliefs, Themes, Triggers & Behaviours. and switch those off too. but first in this training im going to show you how to switch off your negative Thoughts & emotions on a day to day basis so you can take back control of your mind and body and start feeling good again.

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Because this is the first training in the DTO system there are no requirements. anyone can do this wether you have previous experience in therapy techniques or you are a complete novice. The only requirements are an eagerness to learn and a willingness to practise.

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Who Is This For?

This FREE training is for anyone who want's to learn how to heal, release or as I call it switch off their negative thoughts and feelings. So you can lead a happier healthier more successful life. wether you are NEW to healing your thoughts & Emotions or you have tried other things that haven't worked or wether you are a professional therapist. this training is for anyone who want's to learn the fastest and most powerful way to literally switch off our negative thoughts and feelings.


Jonathan Shaw is the Creator of the DTO system. He discovered this incredible technique back in 2013 and since then has developed DTO into a complete system to heal your memories, Traumas and beliefs & behaviours in the easiest way possible even if nothing else has worked.

Price - Just $7.00

Whats Included 

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Price - Just $7.00


Over 20 bitesize video tutorials walking you through every step of the way 

Downloadable PDFs to print out or save on your mobile device


2 Audio downloads to help you while clearing 

a comments section so you can ask Jonathan questions directly 


Access on all  mobile devices any where you have wifi

Complete private access to all materials in a secure membership area 


Lifetime access for as long as you want to 

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions and quick tips.

Just Some Of what Your going to learn


I am going to keep this simple. DTO works.
To give you one little personal example: I had a phobia of sharks so bad that even a kids t shirt with a cartoon shark would terrify me. Last week on my birthday I walked through a shark tunnel at an aquarium and I enjoyed it! I did not even work on this with Jonathan - I used DTO as I was taught. Enjoy the process...
The only negative side effect: you might get a bit angry that you have had bad emotions for a while when really there was no reason! But thats okay. You can switch that thought off using DTO.

Johana Hansen

The DTO system focuses on clearing the beliefs formed within memories rather than on the clearing of memories themselves - rather like removing an unwanted plant from the roots, rather than at the stem. It then, very simply, replaces it with the desired "Opposite, or better" belief - the wanted flower, shrub or tree

Amanda Maney

After about 3 or 4 sessions I began living my life again. I would wake up and feel free, energetic, and happy even. I managed to start working again, I found myself enjoying things more, I felt more like myself with every session. The depression didn’t have control over me anymore

Hayley Neal

I have experienced DTO therapy myself with Jonathan and have found it extremely helpful, an invaluable resource for me on my ongoing journey. I am also very grateful that I have been able to learn some of the techniques so I can further help myself and also clients I work with in my therapy practice.

Libby mcCgreggor

Price - Just $7.00

MODULE 1 - Introduction to the DTO Technique


HOW I CREATED DTO - Discover the incredible story of how I stumbled upon this simple but powerful technique, and how its changed my life and the lives of 1000s of clients


WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH DTO - Discover all the amazing things you can do with the DTO system.


WHEN TO USE DTO - Knowing this will give unlimited possibilities for using DTO in your everyday life to make your life whatever you want it to be


NEW MODEL OF THE BRAIN - this brand new model of the brain will show you just how simple our brains are and make it easy for you to understand whats going on and why your stuck

MODULE 2 - The Switching Off Process


THE 4 STEPS PROCESS - In this video I teach you the MAGIC 4 steps to switch off any negative thought or emotion in minutes.


THE 3 MAGIC WORDS - In this reveal the 3 MAGIC words that actually flip the switch in your brain from the negative response to the positive response.


THE 2 KEY QUESTIONS - You will learn the 2 questions that allow your unconscious to let go of the negative response and take on the positive response.

MODULE 3 - Applying DTO To Your Life


BASIC APPLICATION FOR EVERYDAY LIFE - In this video you will learn how to apply the DTO switching off process to feel happier, more peaceful and calm in your everyday life.


TARGETED QUESTIONS - In this video I walk you through the right questions to ask yourself to bring up whats bothering you or affecting in a negative way so you can apply the DTO switching off process.


30 DAY CHALLENGE - This is your challenge to apply DTO for 30 days in your life and see how much your life improves.

and a lot more......


Why are you only charging $7 for this amazing training

THE 1st REASON I'M ONLY CHARGING $7 - is because I thought about giving this first training in the DTO System away from free, But I realised for you to get the best results you need to invest in yourself, no matter how small the investment. it means you are more likely to actually use and apply this incredible technique and start changing your life.

THE 2nd REASON I'M ONLY CHARGING $7 - is because I want as many people to learn the DTO system as possible because I believe that if everyone learnt a simple way to deal with their negative Emotions and Thoughts then the world would be a much happier place :)

Price - Just $7.00


start Learning Today!


Price - Just $7.00