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The DTO Handbook 

Can you imagine what would happen to your life if you could change all your negative thoughts, feelings & memories? Is this even possible you may ask?


Do you wish you could quickly switch off negative thoughts and feelings and start living again!

Would you love to be FREE from the chains that bind you to your emotions and behaviours?

Are you exhausted from trying to be stronger than you feel?

Can you ever envisage being happy again?

Do you need to get out of your head and into your life? To feel connected with the people and the world around you.

Do you want to harness your true potential and discover the power of freedom so you can break free from the self-doubt, regret and guilt that suffocates you?

Do you want to live the rest of your life feeling more than just FINE.

It did not start with you, but it can all end with you!!

Do you want to live the rest of your life feeling more than just FINE.

It did not start with you, but it can all end with you!!

The true secret to solving our problems is to control our emotions. Not just our health, wellness, happiness but our success too is affected by all our emotions and thoughts.


I believe pain and suffering should be a thing of the past and illness and disease should no longer exist. We all deserve to live healthy happy lives. We all have the power to literally transform and change our lives and I have the key to show you how to master that.

I created the DTO system in 2013, I have treated 1000’s of people and successfully treated many conditions using my technique.


My clients encouraged me to share my system with the world and to teach this revolutionary simple process, so that others can help themselves too and FREE themselves from the conventional paradigm which imprisons us to allow you to begin a life on the other side of despair, and that is exactly what I have done in my book.

IF you want to take control of your emotions and thoughts, but do not know where to get started?  

In my GROUND BREAKING BOOK you will learn how you can heal negative thoughts, feelings & past memories, even if you know nothing about the mind and without going to years of therapy.


You will learn:

  1. How to easily switch off negative thoughts

  2. How to quickly take back control of your emotions

  3. How to ease and release physical symptoms 

  4. How to feel happier and calmer

  5. How to take care of your physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health at the root cause

  6. How to feel more grounded and balanced

Now I know what you are probably thinking. 

I am not a Therapist. 

And I know nothing about how the brain works. 

And that is exactly why you need a copy of the DTO Handbook. 

If you knew why you had the problem or knew how to change it, you would not need this book.


Actually, if you understood the brain like a traditional therapist, that would actually make the problem worse. You would get more and more confused; nothing would make sense and you will go round in circles. 


Understanding the problem will not actually solve it. Not when it comes to emotions and thoughts. 

All you need to learn is how to switch off the negative thoughts and feelings and you do not need to understand them

And if you are worried it is going to be complicated, or you are not going to understand.


Do not worry because this is so simple anyone of all ages can do it, from 5 years old and upwards.


All you need is an open mind, and a desire to be free and healthy.


Even If you think you have tried everything and nothing else has worked, this system is still for you. It can be learnt in 10 minutes and is as simple as switching off the lights.

My simple 4 step process will literally switch off your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions about current situations, upcoming event, or past negative memories/traumas within minutes. Because of its simplicity and power, it’s an amazing tool that everyone should know how and can do and my goal is to get it into as many people's hands as possible. Starting with you!

In my book I will teach you how to master the power of your subconscious, to free yourself and reach for the stars.

I’ll Show you how to find inner happiness so you can finally find peace within and help you to return to your true self, to remember who you were before the world got it hands on you.

This is your chance to invest in the most powerful self-development tool on the market. Which can open you up to infinite possibilities, abundance, wealth, health, and happiness.


It is not the future we are afraid of it is repeating the past that makes us anxious and keeps us stuck.

Start by doing what is necessary and then do what is possible, suddenly you are then doing the impossible!

Create the life you want and live without regret.


Happy reading and I look forward to you sharing your journey with me!

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