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Covid Recovery

My background is a career of 36 years as a Registered Nurse, so obviously my background is medical and not in alternative therapies.

I became suddenly unwell on the 17h October high fever, aching all over, headache, cough, breathlessness, sore throat and hoarse voice. I could hardly get out of bed I was so fatigued and ill. Walking just over a metre to the toilet would completely exhaust me. I've had the flu many times before and I felt that I had a severe case of the flu.

My employer and GP requested me to get a PCR test which came back positive the week of the 25th October. The antibodies test on the 8th November was also positive for Covid antibodies.

Meantime I had contacted Jon on the 21st October. We had 2 sessions and that weekend I was able to sleep throughout the night and my fever and headache had gone.
We have had a further 4 sessions each time my symptoms getting better - breathlessness, cough, throat, voice and appetite.
I still have some fatigue remaining but we are working on that symptom.

I have been off work for 5 weeks in total and I cannot thank Jon enough for helping me.


Anita Hawkes

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