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Negative thoughts and triggers

Jonathan is outstanding. He was highly recommended to me, and his unique DTO system is both progressive and practical.

While I like meditation and calming exercises, Jonathan’s DTO system and personalised zoom sessions combine empathy, expertise and humour that helped me switch off negative thoughts and triggers without having to sit on a rock (or under a tree) for years to find that same calm or a flow state.

Jonathan really cares about his clients and puts their well-being first. He helped me learn about my triggers and patterns and incorporated his techniques so that I could fix myself! Being a Founder or Business Owner can be a lonely place, and while coaching of any sort can help, I love how Jonathan easily transitions from personal to business by asking great questions that help me realise I can solve the issues in both my personal life and business.
I am grateful for the positive impact Jonathan has had on me as a dad, partner, friend and founder. I highly recommend Jonathan and his unique DTO system.


Craig Bagshaw

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