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Anxiety & Injury

After meeting Jonathan at a couple of networking meetings and collecting his card I set up a 121 with him to learn more about how he worked and the success stories he had to tell

As believer in holistic and alternative therapies, I contacted him to
discuss my anxiety concerns after being off work sick for 6 months and
after a very welcoming discussion I registered to have a course or
sessions with him to see if he could help.

The DTO system that Jonathan has devised worked wonders and has certainly helped me, not only get back to work full-time but helped me increase my confidence in business and focus on moving forward with my life once again.

To add to the success of the DTO system, I contacted Jonathan again when I suffered ongoing pain in my left arm after falling down a small trench whilst fishing and jarring my arm
when I protected myself.
This pain was a major issue to me as the left arm had metal plates and pins in it from a previous football injury and I was concerned that I had damaged the bone again but after just 10 seconds of seeing me Jonathan told me that he could tell that I had a trapped nerve in my Neck.

After some manipulation of the muscles in the shoulder area the issue was alleviated and the pain was gone, it was phenomenal
I have since recommended Jonathan to several people, including my Mother who has also recommended him to several of her friends too, he is a magician in trade and in therapy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to anyone that I can.

Thank you Johnathan for your continued assistance and friendship,


James Leighton

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