How To Master Your Emotions In Just 10 Minutes a Day .

So you can walk through life feeling Happy, Calm & Peaceful Without Meditating on a rock for 20 years 


I believe the secret to solving our problems not just our health but our success and happiness too is caused by our emotions and thoughts.

Jonathan shaw 

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With Jonathan Shaw


Jonathan Shaw 

Jonathan shaw is Creator of the DTO system

After trying for years to heal his past memories and limiting beliefs, using many techniques like EFT, Theta healing, Matrix Reimprinting etc. with little success. He all but gave up But then one day stumbled upon something that changed his life, A way to literally switch off the memories, traumas and beliefs that was holding him back. After 7 years of testing on himself his friends colleagues and clients.

He is now finally releasing this incredible and powerful system to everyone. Jonathan is proud to introduce 



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The main premise of the DTO system is that all problems are caused by how we are thinking and feeling either about our past future or current situations. Once we accept this we can then pinpoint exactly what thought or feeling is causing the problem 



Now we pinpoint the thoughts and feelings that are causing the problem, either past negative memories or traumas, current triggers, false learnings or sabotage. we do not analyse  like a councillor or traditional therapist. but rather we have a laser targeted process that takes us to the problem so we can then switch it off 


Switching Off

Once we have found the past memory/trauma or false learning, Trigger or sabotage, we then have a simple 4 step process that literally switches off the negative response and switch on the positive so that the problem heals 


Combine The 3 Pillars To Unlock Multiple Benefits

Emotional Wellbeing
Spiritual Weelbeing
Mental Wellbeing
Increased  Energy 
Greater Peace
Loose Weight
More Confidence
Love Self
Feel Free
Feel Healthier

The DTO Handbook 

How to easily switch off negative thoughts feeling and memories 

A whole LIFETIME of night terrors just stopped! I honestly dropped a whole size over night, bloating and “tummy troubles” just stopped. A niggly knee pain was no more, my wrists didn’t ache, and I have never EVER fallen into that deep dark hole of hopeless depression again. 


Fast-forward four years and I am pleased to report that unlike other therapies the work he’s done has stuck, and the magic of DTO continues to work. I’ve also learned to resolve “stuff” that comes up by myself using the techniques outlined in this book. I am happy – like actually happy. Life is GOOD! I can fly without fear; I have travelled (on aeroplanes) and done things I thought impossible for me; I can enjoy a drink without melodrama; I have healthier, more loving relationships with family and friends; I have found my calling and I am on a new path that gives me true joy. Oh yes, I am also fine with bellybuttons now too :)


It brings me great pleasure to help bring this book to YOU, because everyone deserves to experience the freedom, joy, happiness… whatever it is you want… that DTO can bring – and it is so very simple to do.

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Stories Of Hope 

I cannot adequately express how effective Jonathan’s system is. My depression has gone, anxiety is gone, kidney pains gone, knee, wrist, and hand pains gone, neck pain is gone, I feel genuinely happy, and can even eat wheat again!

—  Kerry McCarthy, Anxiety, Pain, Belly Button Phobia

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